10 Ways to Beat Campsite Food Boredom

Maybe s’mores never get boring, but you probably can’t say the same for hot dogs and PB&J.

Here are 10 ways to keep your campers happy when you’re car camping.

  1. Do some cooking or baking before you leave home. Whip up homemade muffins, freeze them, and have something fresh and delicious for breakfast the next day. Fix burritos and wrap them in foil so you can heat them over the coals. Make some awesome soup and carry it in a Zip-lock bag. That’s something else you can freeze and bring in the cooler for a day or two into the trip. Basically, any cooking you can do ahead will be a lot more dazzling at the campsite.
  2. Bring fresh veggies. Potatoes, squash, peppers — lots of vegetables are tough enough to travel well. Chop them and roast them for a tasty treat.
  3. Add fruit to mild flavored foods. If you’re cooking up oatmeal or enjoying plain yogurt, you’ll be amazed by what a chopped apple or some fresh berries will do for the flavor. Plan to use fresh fruit on the first day or two, and don’t forget that grilling brings out the sweetness.
  4. Score some dried foods. Freeze-dried camping foods are great for backpacking, but the more ordinary dried foods at the grocery store can travel well for car camping. Spaghetti, raisins, and powdered milk may already be on your radar, but try something new, too. Maybe dried dates, tortellini, or dried mushrooms are new to you.
  5. Go gourmet with your sandwiches. Ham and Swiss is always tasty, but think about Genoa salami and Emmental cheese on brioche with fancy mustard. Grill sandwiches to liven them up.
  6. Stuff your fruits and veggies. Bake eggs in a hollowed-out tomato with some fresh herbs, or twist up some bread dough and cinnamon and tuck it into an orange peel to bake breakfast rolls.Stuffed peppers are a classic make-ahead meal.
  7. Buy big round bread rolls. Scoop out the bread and serve soup in the bread bowls, then use a plastic bag to soak the bread innards in beaten eggs overnight. Fry the mixture up in the morning with veggies for a savory meal or with cinnamon and maple syrup for a sweet treat.
  8. Don’t skimp on seasonings. Baking foil-wrapped potatoes in the coals is a classic move, but cutting those potatoes up and wrapping them in a foil pouch with fresh herbs takes it up a notch.
  9. Bake those classic potatoes, open them and mash in your choice of butter, sour cream, cheese, meat, and vegetables. Wrap them back up in the foil and let them heat through before you eat them.
  10. Learn to cook in your Dutch oven. Practice at home and you’ll find that you can make chili, barbecue, and many more favorite dishes at your campsite. Cook biscuits on the lid of your Dutch oven for the full experience. Depending on your outdoor skills, you might want to do this for your last campsite meal so you can just rinse or wipe out the Dutch oven, bag it up, and take it home for a proper cleaning.

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