Why SteriPEN Purifiers?

Clean drinking water is important, especially when you’re in a remote environment. Illness from contaminated water in the back country can be fatal. SteriPEN is a lightweight, compact, and portable way to ensure that you have potable drinking water everywhere you go.

You can use SteriPEN water purifiers on hiking trails, float trips, and while traveling to countries with questionable water quality. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a SteriPEN.

Filtration vs. purification

Water filters don’t always guarantee clean drinking water. Filters remove bacteria and parasites – such as giardia and cryptosporidium – but they typically do not eliminate viruses.

Most viruses are smaller than 0.3 microns, and can be as small as 0.01 microns. Most water filters can’t remove viruses because they are too small. For example, the popular Katadyn Hiker Microfilter has a micron size of 0.2. This means anything smaller than 0.2 microns can remain in the filtered water.

The only way to ensure that water is clean and safe to drink is through purification. SteriPEN uses ultraviolet light to remove all contaminants including, bacteria, parasites, and viruses.

SteriPEN provides portable water purification

SteriPEN water purifiers are lightweight and compact. You can toss one into your hiking backpack or your luggage and be confident that you will always have clean drinking water no matter the situation or circumstance.

Fast and effective

SteriPEN UV purifiers work quickly, effectively, and in practically and situation. The SteriPEN Classic 3 eliminates 99.9% of all water contaminants from a half-liter of water in 48 seconds. They work at any altitude, temperature, and even in murky or cloudy water.

And unlike some other methods of water purification UV purification makes water potable without adding a taste or odor.

SteriPEN purifiers are surprisingly durable

You might think that a water purifier that uses a UV lamp to eliminate dangerous bacteria and microorganisms would be a little bit fragile, but it’s not.

SteriPEN UV water purifiers are made of a highly durable quartz instead of glass, and are fit with a pair of “exotic polymer composite” o-rings that help reduce shock. Here’s an impressive SteriPEN durability test.

We carry SteriPEN as well as other water purifiers and water filters here at Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters. If you’re in Northwest Arkansas and need a portable water filter for hiking or for travel, stop by and see us!

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