Are Merino Wool Hiking Socks Worth the Price?

You’re walking through your local outdoor sporting goods store when you come across a pair of merino wool hiking socks. These socks are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. How could anything be so fluffy yet so rugged? It’s as though someone combined the comfort of a cloud and the protection of a battle tank into a single pair of socks. You’re captivated. As you bring your face close to nuzzle these socks of dreams you notice the price tag. You’re thunderstruck.

As your mind races with a million question, one surfaces above all others. Are merino wool hiking socks worth the price?

The short answer: yes.

If you’ve never worn a pair of merino wool hiking socks it’s easy to get discouraged by the price of the socks. After all, you can get half a dozen cotton socks for less than the price of a single pair of merino wool socks. Here’s why merino wool socks are worth the price, especially if you love getting out in nature.


Hiking socks, especially merino wool hiking socks, are built for rugged use. There designed specifically with outdoor use in mind, and they are overbuilt to hold up for your time out in the elements.


Cotton socks can’t hold a candle to merino wool socks when it comes to comfort. Not only do merino wool hiking socks have more cushioning than cotton socks, the fibers are softer and more pleasant to touch than cotton.


Wear a cotton sock for a day, and it provides the loft and support of toilet paper. Wool hiking socks offer more protection against blisters and abrasions than everyday socks.

Temperature regulation

Merino wool fibers help regulate temperature much better than cotton fibers. The hollow core structure of merino wool means that your feet stay cooler in warm weather and warmer in cold weather.


Merino wool is naturally antimicrobial, meaning that your feet won’t stink as much!

Made in the USA

Anything that’s made in the United States will cost more. US made merino wool socks cost more than socks made overseas, but for a little extra you get all of the perks that come with buying domestic goods.


Ultimately, you’re paying for quality. Yes, merino wool hiking socks cost 6 times more than a pair of cotton socks, but they will outlast the entire half-dozen and provide way more comfort while doing so.

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