Spring Is Prime Time for Arkansas Waterfalls

Photo credit: Gideon Haden ChomphosySpring is typically the rainiest part of the year in Arkansas, and it’s been pouring buckets in Northwest Arkansas this spring. While some people prefer to sit indoors on a rainy day, there’s a lot of fun to be had outdoors.

Don’t let soggy trails and rain clouds keep you cooped up indoors. Embrace the spring showers, and take the opportunity to catch some Arkansas waterfalls in their prime!

Heavy rains bring even the most modest waterfalls to life, and they turn annual falls into breathtaking spectacles. Of course, hiking into remote areas in poor weather conditions can be dangerous. Make sure that you’re properly prepared!

How to prepare for a waterfall hike in the rain

Stay dry.

Carry a dry bag and bring pack cover to keep your belongings dry.

Bring rain gear such as a hard shell rain jacket, rain pants, or rain poncho.

Choose waterproof hiking boots or hiking shoes, or opt for breathable trail running shoes depending on the terrain and conditions.

Stay comfortable.

Wear wool or synthetic base layers and insulation. Both synthetic and wool fibers will still provide insulation when wet. Also, synthetic garments tend to dry faster.

Know how to cross a river.

Bring sandals for river crossings.

Water levels rise while it’s raining, and creeks can resemble rivers when the rain is coming down. Make sure you know how to safely cross a river, especially if you know that your trail crosses creeks and rivers.

Watch the forecast.

Know the difference between challenging and dangerous. The wetter and colder it is, the more prepared you need to be.

Check water levels before heading out.

Have a plan.

Having a good plan is just as important as having good outdoor gear.

Know how long you’re going to be out, how much food and water you need to bring, what equipment to bring, the terrain, access points, etc.

Always tell someone where you’re going, and when you plan on returning.


Looking for some waterfalls in Arkansas? We sell the Arkansas Waterfalls Guidebook by Tim Ernst. It’s a great resource with lots of hidden gems. Stop by the store and grab a copy today!

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