When Do You Need Technical Outdoor Clothing?

We sell camping gear, hiking supplies, and anything you could possibly need to spend time out in nature, including technical outdoor apparel. Of course, you don’t always need technical outdoor clothing in order to enjoy your time outdoors. There are plenty of hiking trails and outdoors pursuits that lend themselves to denim blue jeans and an old pair of sneakers. Outdoor apparel generally improves your comfort and experience out in nature, however, and sometimes technical outdoor clothing is necessary.

What is technical outdoor clothing?

Outdoor apparel is designed specifically with outdoor performance in mind. Technical outdoor clothing offers protection from the elements, it’s designed for rigorous use, and helps ensure that you stay comfortable in uncomfortable situations. More often than not, outdoor apparel is higher quality than normal everyday apparel.

There’s a wide variety of materials used in outdoor apparel, and different textiles are suited for different applications. That’s why most outdoor brands design technical outdoor clothing with specific activities or weather conditions in mind. There’s usually a lot of overlap, but apparel doesn’t cross over. For example, you wouldn’t wear waterproof rain pants to go trail running.

Features to look for in technical outdoor clothing include:

  • Abrasion resistant textiles
  • Windproof or waterproof materials
  • Wind or water resistant materials
  • Clothing with a UPF rating
  • Fibers that insulate when wet
  • Quick drying materials
  • Moisture wicking clothing
  • Clothing designed for uninhibited movement

Do you need technical outdoor clothing?

A leisurely one-mile hike in 70 degree weather doesn’t demand technical outdoor apparel. Sure, hiking pants and a moisture wicking shirt will increase your comfort, but they aren’t necessary. There are instance when technical outdoor apparel is almost a requirement, however.

Multiple day trips

The longer the duration of your trip, the more important it is to have technical outdoor clothing. Outdoor clothing is often made from durable, antimicrobial, and/or quick-drying materials that are ideal for long stints in nature.

Less than optimal conditions

Whether it’s cold, hot, rainy, or a combination of these things, you need outdoor specific apparel. Outdoor apparel is intended to handle the elements, and many garments are versatile enough to handle a variety of weather conditions.

Strenuous pursuits

Activities such as mountaineering, trail running, or rock climbing demand technical clothing. Street clothes can’t match the breathability, abrasion resistance, or protection that outdoor apparel provides.

When performance matters

Ever tried to do the splits in a pair of denims? Regardless of how you answered that question, outdoor apparel provides much better mobility than street clothing does. The abrasion resistance and uninhibited movement provided by outdoor apparel means that you get better performance outdoors.

When comfort matters

Outdoor clothing is intended to be worn out in nature, and is therefore more comfortable than street clothes.This applies whether you’re walking in the park or heading up a mountain.


Whether you’re looking for a technical pair of hiking pants, a lightweight and breathable shirt for trail running, or you want a durable shell for rock climbing, we’ve got you covered. Stop by and see us at Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters in Fayetteville, Arkansas, to browse our selection of outdoor apparel and outdoor gear!

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