Fun Outdoor Activities for Families

Are you looking to get your family outdoors, but aren’t quite sure how to keep everyone entertained? Camping with adults is quite different from camping with the entire family. Here are 10 outdoor activities for families that are both fun and educational!

See the stars

Stargazing is a wonderful way to enjoy the night sky. Some constellations are more visible depending on the time of year, so learn how to identify different constellations to get your bearings.

Cloud watching

This is a classic and soothing way to pass the time that requires nothing more than a little imagination. Gaze up at the clouds to see what you can see!

Date a tree

Not a romantic date, of course. You can determine a tree’s age by counting its rings. Subtract the age of the tree from the current year, and you can get a sense of how old the forest is.

Cricket thermometer

You can ballpark the temperature outside by listening to cricket chirps. It may not be as accurate as an actual thermometer, but it’s pretty close. Here’s the cricket temperature formula:

  • Count cricket chirps for 14 seconds
  • Add 40 to the total number of chips to get the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
  • Example: 36 chirps in 14 seconds + 40 = 76° F

Know your night sounds

Mysterious noises from the darkness can be creepy for kids. Teach children to identify noises – such as owls, squirrels in the trees, deer, whippoorwills, frogs, etc. – and help them learn to love the sounds of nature.

Pick up litter along the trail

No one likes unsightly litter, so do something about it! Help keep trails beautiful, and teach children a sense of responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Animal tracks

Watching for animal tracks and signs of animals is good observance practice, and it can give you an appreciation of how active the environment is.

Tic-tac-toe (with sticks and stones)

Looking for something to do around the campsite, or a fun way to take a break from hiking? Draw a tic-tac-toe grid in the dirt, or make one from sticks. Find dark stones and light stones, or make little twig X’s and use stones for O’s.

Skipping stones

One of the simplest joys in life. Learn how to skip a stone, and practice the art any time your come to a body of water!

Shadow puppets

All you need is a camping light and your hands. Set up a lantern, headlamp, or flash light, and let the show begin.


Try some of these outdoor activities for families on your next family outing! If you need any camping equipment or hiking supplies before you go, stop by and see us at Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters. We’ve provided Northwest Arkansas with outdoor gear for over 30 years!

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