Always Be Prepared with These 11 Items

A positive attitude and a level head can only take you so far. Emergencies can happen regardless of how much planning you do. It never hurts to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Preparing for the unexpected is easier than you might think. Keep these items in your car, pack them in a backpack so they’re always ready, or carry them with you on a day hike. With this list of 11 essential emergency supplies you will be prepared for anything!

Basic first aid kit

A basic first aid kit should include useful items that are needed on a regular basis. Pack antibacterial ointment, athletic tape, bandages, gauze, pain reliever, lip balm, sunscreen, etc.


Hydration is a mainstay on any list of survival essentials. A LifeStraw is a compact and portable water filter that removes harmful bacteria from drinking water. They’re great for emergency situations.

Emergency poncho

Getting caught in the rain can be unpleasant, but in severe situations, it could lead to hypothermia. An emergency poncho is a cheap and compact item that should be added to your inventory of emergency supplies.

Emergency blanket

Emergency blankets, or space blankets, are made of mylar and can help you maintain 90% of your body heat. Mylar blankets can keep you warm on a cold night when you’ve under prepared, or literally help save your life.


Whether you’re out after dark, you’ve lost power, or you need extra visibility, a headlamp provides hands-free illumination that can help you see or be seen.

Lightweight tarp

Tarps come in handy more often than you may realize. In a clutch, they’ll work as a makeshift footprint, they can help keep you or your gear dry, and they can even be set up as emergency shelters. Shelter is one of the original survival essentials, and a tarp fits the bill.

Portable charger

This is an item that didn’t make the list of original survival essentials, but should absolutely make the cut for your list of emergency supplies. A portable charger can give you the extra juice you need to power your phone and access your maps, send a message, make a phone call.


Knives are the perfect tool for true survival situations, and can come in handy in emergencies. They’re great tools that can help you start fires, fashion shelters, prepare food, and provide protection.


Fires provide warmth, a light source, and a means to cook food. A fire can even keep the wildlife at a distance if you’re spending the night in the backcountry. Pack a lighter, fire steel, or waterproof matches so that you always have the means to make a fire.


Freeze-dried food or dehydrated meals are great for emergencies. They have a super long shelf life, and they’re easy to make. Just add boiling water, wait for a few minutes, and you have hot meal. Food bars don’t last as long as freeze-dried meals, but it’s not a bad idea to pack a few of these. Just be sure to replace them before they expire.


When the temperature drops, or you’ve forgotten your rain jacket, you’ll be glad you packed some extra layers. A long top and bottom base layer, a synthetic or wool t-shirt, and a lightweight or midweight fleece will keep you prepared for any situation.


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