It’s Time to Part Ways With Your Cotton Socks

There are two types of people who wear cotton socks. Children who can somehow manage to leave a sock on the school bus and, and people who have never experience the magic and comfort of a pair of merino wool socks. OK, so there’s little magic in a sock wool or otherwise, but merino wool socks truly are better than cotton socks. While wool socks may not change your life anyone who hikes or spends significant time outdoors should seriously consider investing in merino wool socks.

So what are the advantages of merino wool socks? Here’s why you should ditch the cotton socks and swap them out for a good pair of wool socks.


Spun merino wool fibers are more durable than the cotton fibers used in an average pair of socks. While wool hiking socks can cost more than a 6-pack pair of cotton socks, they last much longer. A good pair of wool socks can last for years before needing to be replaced.


When you first put on a pair of cotton socks, they might feel plush and cozy. After wearing them for a day, however, those cotton socks provide the cushioning and support of notebook paper. Wool socks offer all-day support and fluffy cushioning for years.

Moisture management

Cotton socks can get a little… slimy. Cotton fibers absorb and retain moisture. After a day of hiking cotton socks can become saturated with sweat, making them incredibly uncomfortable. Merino wool, on the other hand, pulls moisture away from the body, without becoming overly saturated.

Temperature management

Merino wool is an incredible material. It helps keep your feet warm in cold weather, but also helps your feet stay cool in warm weather. The hollow core structure of merino wool creates an insulating buffer that can regulate temperature better than cotton fibers. Merino wool also insulates when wet. The same can’t be said for cotton socks.


Wool socks provide more protection from blisters than cotton socks. This comes from the cushion and moisture managing properties of merino wool. Friction and moisture are the two biggest contributors to blisters. Merino wool socks can’t be beaten in terms of blister protection.


Merino wool is a naturally antimicrobial material. Socks and shoes tend to get smelly over time. Merino wool socks resist odor-causing bacteria which means they smell better longer, and require fewer washes.


We carry a great selection of merino wool hiking socks, many of which are made in the United States. Stop by and see us at Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters in Northwest Arkansas! We carry Smartwool, Point6, and Wigwam socks!

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