What You Need to Know about Full Tang Knives

There’s some knife terminology you wouldn’t know unless you spend a fair amount of time around knives. The handle and the blade are parts of a knife that pretty much everybody knows. A knife’s tang, however, isn’t as universally known. For some people the tang can be one of the biggest deciding factors. So what is a tang, and why is the tang important? Here’s what you need to know about full tang knives.

What are full tang knives?

The tang of a knife refers to the metal that extends from the blade to connect the handle. There are many different types of tang, and the tang can extend throughout the handle, or just enough to anchor the handle to the blade.

“Full tang” refers to a knife with one solid piece of metal running from the blade through the entire length of the handle. This means that the butt of the handle and the tip of the blade are all one continuous piece of metal. A full tang makes up not only the length of the handle, but the width as well.

The biggest difference between a full tang and half tang knife is that a full tang extends the length and width of the handle. A half tang may extend the length of the handle, but only half the width of the handle.

You often see full tang knives with scales. A scale is a handle made up of two components that fasten to the blade on either side. Full tang is the strongest type of tang and makes for a seriously burly knife.

Why would you need a full tang knife?

A full tang knife is the strongest knife you can buy. You can use and abuse them without worrying about how they will hold up. Sure, any knife can break over time, even a full tang knife, but it takes a lot more to break a full tang knife than any other type of blade. This is one of the main reasons a full tang is a popular choice for survival knives. Any time you need durability, strength, performance, and reliability from a knife, a full tang knife is the way to go.


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