10 Random Acts of Kindness for Hikers

Photo credit: Gideon Haden ChomphosyIt’s National Random Acts of Kindness Day! Here are 10 random acts of kindness for hikers. Try these out next time you’re out on the trail!

Pick up trash on the trail.

It’s rare to walk a trail without spotting litter. Help make everyone’s hike a little bit better by picking up trash along the trail.

Gather firewood… for someone else.

Doing an overnight hike? Leave a bundle of firewood at your campsite for the next group to enjoy.

Stash some goodies.

Have you ever been hiking and really wished you had some dark chocolate, or maybe a tasty beer? Seal a chocolate bar, can of beer, or some other goody in a resealable bag along with a dated note for some lucky hiker to find.

Compliment the people you pass.

It’s good form to talk to the people you meet on a trail. Make a point to compliment or say something nice to fellow hikers

Help your friend pitch a tent.

Sure, they can manage setting up a tent on their own, but they will appreciate the help.

Volunteer to filter water.

Water filtration can work up a sweat. Be a trooper and offer to fill up everyone’s water bottles.

Volunteer to clean the dishes.

Your friends will appreciate this random act of kindness!

Encourage your fellow hikers.

It’s amazing just how much positive statements can help a person grind out that last little bit of incline. Share some encouraging words with the people you’re hiking with as well as strangers.

Yield to other hikers on the trail.

Who cares who has the right of way? Let oncoming hikers take the trail – even if you have the right of way – as a random act of kindness.

Improve the trail.

Notice an ambiguous turn or a section of trial that’s not clearly defined? Add a cairn – or rock stack – to help make sure people don’t get lost along the way.

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