Why Do I Need a Sleeping Bag Liner?

sleeping bag linerYou’ve slept in a sleeping bag your entire life, and you’ve never even heard of a sleeping bag liner. How important could it be? While sleeping bag liners aren’t absolutely necessary, they are an incredibly important and useful item to have in your backpack or camping crate. Here’s what makes sleeping bag liners so great.

Liners add insulation

Sleeping bag liners can increase the temperature rating of your sleeping bag by a few degrees. The added warmth depends on the liner material. This is great if you’re looking to add a little insulation to your cold weather bag. You can also save money by purchasing a warmer weather bag and a liner instead of sleeping bag with a lower temperature rating.

Liners add comfort

Sleeping bag liners are usually made from more comfortable materials than your average sleeping bag. Liners can be made out of silk, cotton, polyester blends, or other soft materials instead of the nylon used for most modern sleeping bag shells. This extra comfort can send you into dreamland that much faster.

Liners protect your sleeping bag

When was the last time you hopped in your sleeping bag squeaky clean? Usually, you crawl into your bag coated in a layer of filth after a long day of hiking or playing outdoors. A liner adds a layer of protection between you and your sleeping bag. This means that your bag stays cleaner longer.

Liners extend the lifetime of your sleeping bag

Any time you wash your sleeping bag you decrease its loft and insulating power. Of course, you can only hold out from washing a sleeping bag for so long before the smell keeps you up at night. A liner reduces the number of washes your sleeping bag needs. Your liner adds a buffer between you and your bag, meaning that the liner gets dirty before the bag. Plus, you can wash your sleeping bag liner without sacrificing the loft and insulating power of your bag. This extends the life of your sleeping bag and helps save money.

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