What’s a Fluxring?

If you’ve never heard of Fluxring before, you might think that it has something to do with intergalactic spaceflight, or maybe that it’s some type of futuristic jewelry. If you own a Jetboil camp stove, however, you may know that a Fluxring can be found on the bottom of Jetboil cups or pots. But even if you use your Jetboil every weekend, you might not know exactly what a Fluxring does. Fortunately, the Fluxring does its thing regardless. Read on to learn more about your Jetboil stove and Fluxring technology.

What is a Fluxring?

FluxRing® is a really cool name for a really cool technology from Jetboil. If you take a look at the bottom of a Jetboil cup or pot, you will notice an accordion-like ring along the bottom. That’s the Fluxring. The video below explains how this patented technology works.

How does the technology work?

As the video mentions, a flat-bottom pot is a good way to maximize cooking efficiency. If you’re car camping, you can make room for a big cook pot with little effort. Backpackers don’t have that luxury, however. Lightweight and compact are the name of the game when it comes to backpacking, and a big stock pot is neither of those two things. That’s where Jetboil’s patented technology comes into play.

Each Jetboil cup or pot has an aluminum fluxring welded to the bottom to increase surface area which improve heat transfer from the stove to the cup. The result is a  lightning fast boil time. The Jetboil Flash® can boil two cups of water in just over 2 minutes!

Where can I buy a Jetboil cooking system?

Jetboil has really branched out since they got their start in 2001. They still deliver on what made them famous – push-button igniter, self contained cooking systems, and fast boiling times – but they now offer several different types of stoves, including a two-burner camp stove. If you’re interested in checking out a Jetboil stove in Northwest Arkansas, stop by and see us at Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters!

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