Stocking Stuffers for Rock Climbers

rock-climberChoosing a gift for someone requires time and effort. You have to think about that person’s interests, their personality, and what makes them tick. Of course, understanding what compels an individual to scale sheer rock walls, dangle from ropes, or top out steep boulders may be beyond your comprehension. Don’t worry about getting in the head of the rock climber in your life. We’re here to help! Here are some stocking stuffers for rock climbers.


A multitool is basically a toolbox that fits in the palm of your hand. Multitools can be used at the crag, the campsite, or in the car. From flapper removal to meal prep to changing a tail light on your multi-state rock climbing road trip, multitools can do it all.


One of the few pieces of climbing gear that is OK to give as a gift. Regardless of the hobby, people are often particular about their gear, and unless you have the specific name of a harness, quickdraw, or climbing shoe, you shouldn’t chance gifting gear. Carabiners are an exception.


A climber can never have too much climbing chalk. Just find out whether they prefer chalk blocks, loose chalk , or chalk balls.

Climbing brush

Help your climber knock out their long-standing project. Boars hair climbing brushes are the best at removing excess oils, dirt, and chalk from holds, and increasing friction. They also minimize the damage to the rock.

Portable charger

Sweet climbing pics and rad climbing videos can drain phone batteries. Keep devices charged with a portable charger.


Not all gifts for rock climbers have to be specific to rock climbing. Headlamps can be used for night climbing, early morning – or late night – approaches, or general use around the campsite.

Food bars

Climbers get hungry, and it’s an empirical fact that climbers prefer food in bar form. Food bars are compact, portable, hassle-free, and easy to fit in a stocking.

Climbing guidebook

There’s something to be said for exploratory climbing, but sometimes you want to know what you’re getting into. Climbing guidebooks make great gifts for climbers of any level of experience.

Water bottle

Water bottles actually make great gifts for anyone. Peoples are mostly water, so stay hydrated out there!

Camp stove

Ramen noodles don’t cook themselves. A camp stove ensures a hot lunch at the crag or campsite.

Skin care

Put hand salve, athletic tape, an emery board, finger nail clippers, and hand sanitizer in a bag, pouch, or container. Voila.

Lip balm

Prolonged exposure to sun and wind can dry out you lips, and climbing rock walls can make exposure even worse. The answer? Lip balm.


Block the sun and look cool while doing it.

Chalk bag

Only goobers show up to climb with their chalk still in the original package. Don’t let your rock climber be a goober. Get them a chalk bag.

You can find these gifts and more at Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters! Stop by and see us if you’re looking for climbing gear in Northwest Arkansas!

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