How to Build a Better Campfire in 5 Easy Steps

campfireSome people say that the teepee method is the best way to build a campfire. Others maintain that the log cabin approach can’t be beat. Then there’s the lean-to fire, the upside-down fire, and the Dakota fire hole. Basically, everyone thinks that their method is the best way to build a fire, but it really boils down to preference. Whether you love the lean-to or swear by the teepee, here are 5 steps that can help you build a better campfire.

Remember the fire triangle

A fire relies on three things: oxygen, heat, and fuel. The trick is having the right mixture of these elements. Make sure that your fire can breathe, and make sure that there’s always enough fuel to sustain your fire. Too much firewood and your campfire might not have enough air flow to sustain a fire. Blow on the fire too hard and you might extinguish the flame. Building a campfire isn’t an exact science, but being aware of the fire triangle can help you build a better campfire.

Firestarters make your life easier

If building a campfire is a source of pride or a satisfying ritual for you, by all means, grapple with the flame. Lighter fluid and a stick of fatwood, however, makes building a campfire easy. Firestarters take the time and hassle out of getting a campfire going, and there’s no shame in using them!

Bring your own firewood

BringĀ  your own firewood with you, or buy some near your campsite.

  • This ensure that you have enough firewood
  • Popular campgrounds are often picked clean.
  • It helps lessen impact in high traffic areas.

The type of wood you use matters

Some types of wood ignite easily while others take a little more work, and some woods burn longer than others. Softwoods such as cedar or spruce, ignite quickly, burn quickly, and burn hot. Softwoods are nice for starting a fire, but you want to add some slow burning hardwoods to ensure that your fire has some more substantial fuel. Here’s some more information about different types of firewood.

Prepare your fire pit

You, of course, have to tend a fire, but the fire pit needs attention too. Make sure you dig out fire pit and remove excess ash from previous fires. This makes it easier to start a fire, and helps make sure your campfire is the best it can possibly be. Also take some time to build up a windscreen to protect your campfire from gusts and gales. Fires need oxygen, but fierce winds can make starting a fire a nightmare, and can torment a campfire. Lastly, make a rock ring and make sure that your fire is in a safe place away from trees, dried grass, and other flammable objects.

Leave your suggestions for building a better campfire in the comments below!

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