Take Thanksgiving Outside

Photo credit: Gideon Haden ChomphosyFor most Americans Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without Turkey, Television, and a nice couch to nap on. Thanksgiving is a holiday where overindulgence and lethargy is encouraged. However, some people would rather get outside than stay indoors regardless of whether is Thanksgiving or just your average Thursday. Of course, televisions and couches have no place at a campground or on a hiking trail. Here’s your guide to taking Thanksgiving outside.

Who would want to spend Thanksgiving outdoors?

Many are content, and in fact look forward to, spending Thanksgiving indoors around a table and a TV screen. There are others, however, who might want to spend Thanksgiving outside rather than inside.

  • People who can’t make it home for the holidays might rather hit the trail or go camping with friends on Thanksgiving.
  • Those who want to change things up, and get to try an outdoors Thanksgiving in nature.
  • People who want to add a little physical activity and outdoor time to their Turkey Day.

Ways to take Thanksgiving outside

Grab some friends, family, or your favorite pet and enjoy a four-day weekend camping out in nature. You can pack all the Thanksgiving staples like turkey, dressing, and a slice of pie and enjoy a Turkey Day dinner in the wild.

Go for a hike. This can be multi-day backpacking trip with some turkey jerky, or a simple Thanksgiving day hike with a turkey sandwich in tow.

You don’t have to replace your family’s Thanksgiving day traditions, but you can add new ones. Take a post turkey dinner walk or hike with the family to keep old traditions alive, and start a new tradition of getting outside on Thanksgiving.

Things you need for an outdoors Thanksgiving

This depends on your outdoor activity. If you’re camping, you definitely need a tent. If you’re backpacking, you will need a pack and a good pair of hiking boots. A day hike doesn’t require much in the way of special outdoor equipment, but a comfortable pair of hiking socks is always a must. Regardless of how you decide to spend your Thanksgiving outside, make sure that you bring along the Turkey!

We carry everything that you need to get outdoors on Thanksgiving, or any other day of the year (minus the turkey). Stop by and see us in Evelyn Hills Shopping Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas!

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