7 Quick and Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas

peanut-butter-and-toastAccording to mothers everywhere, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A proper breakfast lays down the foundation to get your day started off right. It provides the nourishment and energy you need to tackle whatever comes your way, whether that’s a day at the office or a day on the hiking trail. Of course, preparing breakfast in your home kitchen is completely different than cooking breakfast around the campfire. Sure, there are those camping trips when you want to take the time to make an elaborate breakfast. Those times when you have nothing to do but drive back into town, so you can afford to ease into the day and spend several hours cooking pancakes, bacon, and eggs on your camping stove, and let the French press do its thing.

Then there are days when you want breakfast to be easy, convenient, and hassle-free. Those days when you can’t wait for the coffee to brew because have a 13-mile hike ahead of you. Those days when you can’t sit around cooking and cleaning because you need every single hour of daylight to explore nature. Here are 7 quick and easy camping breakfast ideas for those days when you need to get up and go!

Peanut butter and banana wraps

Slice up a banana and spread some peanut butter on a tortilla or bread. The only cleanup is licking the peanut butter from your spork!

Food bars

Far less satisfying than a hot plate of bacon and eggs, but they get the job done. No cooking, no clean up, no wait time, and you can eat them on the go. The ultimate quick and easy camping breakfast.

Instant oatmeal

This is the fastest way to get a hot breakfast while camping. Just boil water, and let sit for 2-3 minutes. You can cook most types of instant oatmeal in the pouches that the oatmeal is packaged in to eliminate cleanup.

Fresh fruit

Another great quick and hassle-free camping breakfast with no cooking required. Plus, there’s little to no cleanup or waste to deal with depending on the fruit.


A classic hiking food, and a great on-the-go breakfast. Eat plain or add milk or yogurt if you have a cooler.

Trail mix

Go with standard GORP, or blend your favorite ingredients to make a master mix custom tailored for your taste buds. A great snack and a great camping breakfast!

Freeze-dried breakfast

Companies like Mountain House and Backpacker’s Pantry make freeze-dried backpacking breakfast meals that are great for camping. These typically take a little bit longer than instant oatmeal, but they’re hard to beat if you’re looking for a hot savory breakfast with little hassle.

We carry a great selection of food and meal bars as well as instant backpacking meals. Stop by and see us before your next hike!

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