Free Entrance to National Parks for Veterans Day

us-flag-uncle-samToday is Veterans Day. We would like to say thank you all those who’ve served in our military, and to those currently serving. Soldiers put their lives on the line to help ensure our nation’s safety, and Veterans Day is a time to honor the men and women serving our country. Take the opportunity to show your appreciation for active military members and veterans, and remember those who served who are no longer with us.

Why we should honor our veterans

It’s easy to take our veterans’ contributions for granted. Most of us go about our daily lives without ever truly considering the courage and sacrifice required of those who serve in the United States Armed Forces. Some even speak poorly of our military, chastising approaches or involvements rather than recognizing the necessity of a standing military, and the safety and protection it provides.

Without a military, many of our joys, comforts, rights, and liberties would be at risk. It is because of the men and women who serve that we can do things like go for a week long backpacking trip, or spend a weekend camping in the woods. We enjoy leisure, we have time for recreation, and we can safely enjoy these things because of our veterans. Free entry at all national parks for Veterans Day is a small sign of the respect and appreciation we owe them.

The National Park Service is waiving entry fees at national parks today in honor of Veterans Day. This might seem like a strange way to show appreciation for veterans, but it actually makes sense. Our national parks make it easy to see what’s so special about our country. Being outside and witnessing the natural wonder of our national parks instills a sense of pride and love for our country. There’s a lot to love about the United States, but seeing something as staggering as El Captain in Yosemite Valley or as jaw-dropping as Zion Canyon helps put it into perspective.

So when you visit one of our national parks, and are overwhelmed with the beauty that you behold, remember that it’s our veterans who made it possible. Our veterans make the sacrifice to protect our country, and protect our way of life. Thank you!

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