5 Reasons to Explore Nature

River CrossingAs an outdoor gear store, we encourage everyone to get outside! Students and teachers, families and friends, young and old – nature is for everyone. There’s little in this world more inspiring than a sunset, and little more comforting than a campfire, and we love being able to outfit people for those adventures! Whether you’ve been an avid backpacker for the last 30 years (which is slightly less time than we’ve been selling outdoor gear to Northwest Arkansas), or you’re getting ready for you’re first camping trip, we have everything that you need to get outside and explore nature!

While many of us don’t need convincing when it comes to spending time in nature, others need a little encouragement. It’s not for a lack of desire, but maybe a lack of motivation. So here’s a little something to help you get outside this weekend!

5 reasons to get outside this weekend!

Take a moment to disconnect

Of course, with today’s technology we have the option to stay connected even while we’re out in nature. You can, however, choose to unplug from social media feeds, news alerts, and inbox notifications. Turn your phone off, leave the electronics at home, and get a breath of fresh air this weekend.

See something beautiful

Catch a sunset or revel in a sunrise. Witness wildlife or behold beauty that can only be found in nature. The Ozarks can look pretty dismal during the winter, so catch some views before the last leaf tumbles to the ground.

Do something challenging

Outdoor recreation can be as easy or as challenging as you choose. Some people are content sitting in a comfortable camp chair and relaxing all weekend, but others like to push themselves. Go for a long distance hike, climb a route you’ve never done, or try mountain biking for the first time. Challenges build character and completing challenges is rewarding.

It’s an affordable – and delightful – way to spend a weekend

For the price of gas and the cost of food, you can have a fun and exciting weekend out in nature. Of course you might need a tent, hiking shoes, a climbing harness, or other outdoor gear, but once you’ve made that investment, a weekend in the woods doesn’t cost much. If you’re looking for an outdoor gear store in Northwest Arkansas, we’re the people to see!

Getting outside is great for your health

You could spend the weekend sitting on your couch watching movies and eating pizza, or you could get out and hike, bike, or climb! Time spent out in nature is more fun, more rewarding, and better for you than a day wasted on the couch.

Make sure you stop by and see us before you head out of town for the weekend. We have a great selection of outdoor gear, camping supplies, hiking equipment, climbing gear, and more!

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