Why Do I Need Trekking Poles?

hikers-in-mountainsIf you spend enough time on a hiking trail, you will come across someone wielding a pair of trekking poles. While not every hiker uses trekking poles, every hiker should. Trekking poles aren’t exactly necessary to hiking, but they provide a number of benefits that can greatly improve the quality of your hike. Here’s a little bit of information to help you understand why trekking poles are so important.

What are trekking poles?

Also called, hiking poles, walking poles, or walking sticks, trekking poles are used to assist hikers navigate terrain. Some standard features are molded handles, telescoping shafts, and baskets (the wide piece that attaches to the bottom of the pole), however the materials and technologies that go into these feature can vary greatly. Trekking poles make hiking safer, easier, and more enjoyable.

Here’s how:

  • Trekking poles increase stability and balance.
  • They decrease chance of injury.
  • They take weight off your legs.
  • Poles reduce impact on your body.
  • Poles reduce wear on your body.

Better stability

This is the biggest reason why you need trekking poles. With a set of poles, you have better balance and support on all types of terrain. Whether you’re hiking uneven, rocky terrain, crossing slippery rock beds, or heading down a steep hillside, trekking poles can help. They make traversing difficult terrain easier and help prevent injury by increasing stability.

Lightening the load

Another key benefit of trekking poles is that they redistribute the workload while hiking. Without poles, your legs do all of the work. With poles, however, your arms can help out, keeping your legs from getting thrashed. You can propel yourself forward on ascents to fight fatigue, and lower yourself down on descents descents to save your knees.

Why do I need trekking poles?

If you love to hike, you can benefit from a pair of trekking poles. Regardless of age, what type of terrain, or how much distance you cover, trekking poles makes hiking, safer, easier, and more enjoyable. Basically, trekking poles decrease your risk of injury, and ensure that you can hike for years to come! Stop by Uncle Sam’s next time you’re in Northwest Arkansas and check out our selection of trekking poles!

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