8 Mythical Creatures You Could Meet While Camping

spooky_trees_fogHalloween is the perfect time to share ghost stories, legends, myths, and folktales. Sometimes these stories are whimsical explanations of natural phenomena. Sometimes they’re based on actual things or occurrences, having wandered further and further from the truth over years, of course. But more often than not, they are completely falsified and purely for entertainment.

Regardless of how legends and tales get their starts, they are almost always enthralling. Stories are a great way to pass the time around a campfire or hiking trail. Some of the best myths are about monsters, creatures, and magical beings. There are plenty of mythical creatures said to walk the woods, so keep your eyes open for these creatures next time you hit the trail!

Many of these mythical creatures come from Henry H. Tryon’s Fearsome Critters

Wampus cat

The wampus cat is one of the most sinister mythical creatures that live in the woods. If the wampus cats wades through a stream, the fish won’t bite for seven days. The glare from theri eyes on a full moon has been known to start forest fires. you can only see their footprints on solid rock, and they can pluck eagles out of the sky. Male wampus cats are virtually indestructible.


This mythical creature is native to the Ozarks. It’s often described as an enormous deer that lives in the treetops with flowers that spring from its antlers. In the fall, the snawfus exhales thick clouds of blue smoke, which anyone who visits the Ozarks on an early fall morning has noticed.


While most often found in bags, swamps, and marshes, will-o’the-wisps are sometimes found in the woods as well. They pose a threat to hikers as they lure travelers off trails and paths.


The gumberoo has a body like a “bunkhouse stove”, long, powerful monkey-like arms, a round head, and no neck. He also has 11 or so legs – 3 rear legs and 8 around his torso. The hide from the Gumberoo’s middle legs make great waterproof boots, although they’re “pretty rare” now.

Goofus bird

The goofus bird is best known for its ability to fly backwards. This creature has the head of a turkey attached by a long green neck to a large silvery scaled body with one black wing and one pink wing.


You might think that creaking and groaning in the woods is just the trees flexing in the wind. It’s really the treesqueak, however. Treesqueaks are a bit of a cross between a weasel and a chameleon.


One of the more dangerous and elusive mythical creatures found in the woods. The hidebehind is seldom seen because it hides behind trees. However if anyone goes missing in the woods, it’s likely that they fell victim to the hidebehind. This nocturnal creature¬† is large and powerful like a bear, and is able to suck in its stomach to hide even the thinnest trees.


Momo is short for “Missouri Monster”. This creature is something like Bigfoot and calls Missouri home. So far, there are 7 reported Momo sightings.

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