Ghost Stories for Your Campfire

spooky-roadIt’s the weekend before Halloween! Some folks are going to spend the weekend scrambling to put together costumes, but others will spend the weekend outdoors. There are only a few short days until Halloween, so why not get in the spirit of things and share some ghost stories around the campfire this weekend? Here are a few spooky ghost stories to take a long with you on your camping trip.

Campfire ghost stories

The Golden Hand – Man meets woman. Woman has golden hand. Man wants hand. Man gets hand. Spookiness ensues.

Raw Head and Bloody Bones – Old Betty is the best conjuring woman in the Ozarks. Also, she’s friends with a razorback named Raw Head. Get ready for a ghostly Ozark version of “Little Red Riding Hood”.

The Hitchhiking Woman – A reminder that you should never pick up hitchhikers, because they might actually be a ghost.

Hairy Toe – The next time you’re foraging for roots and stumble across a hairy toe in the dirt, do not eat it. You will regret that decision. The trick to telling this ghost stories is being able to repeatedly say hairy toe while keeping a straight face.

Ghost on the Tracks – What happens on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe stays on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe.

Practice your stories!

Telling stories around a campfire is a great camping tradition, and telling campfire ghost stories is a great Halloween tradition. But it’s important to remember that telling ghost stories is just as much about the delivery as it is the story itself. Any story-teller will say that the way you tell the story is actually more important than the story itself.

In other words, remember these stories, and practice telling them for the best effect. Listening to someone read a story verbatim as their face is lit up buy the glow of their phone isn’t frightening. However, hearing someone delivering a spooky tale their pulling from memory by the flickering light of a campfire is bone-chilling.

We can’t help you deliver your ghost stories, but we can help you enjoy your camping trip. Stop by and see us for any last minute camping supplies before you head out of town!

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