5 Reasons We Love Kavu Rope Bags

kavu-printsAt Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters,  we know a thing or two about bags and backpacks. We have an entire wall dedicated to packs for hiking and backpacking. Of course, you don’t always need a hiking pack to carry your belongings. A dedicated hiking backpacking is overkill for normal everyday routines, and you might not want to give off that “I’m about to summit a mountain” vibe. That’s one of the reasons we carry KAVU bags. The KAVU Rope Bag and Rope Sling are great, nontechnical bags that are perfect for everyday use. Here’s why we love KAVU Rope Bags and Rope Slings!

But first things first…

What’s the difference between a KAVU Rope Bag and a KAVU Rope Sling?

The two bags are almost identical. The main difference is the Rope Bags are made of 12 oz. cotton canvas, while Rope Slings are made of 600D polyester. The Rope Bag offers no water protection, while the polyester Rope Sling is slightly water resistant.

Now that that’s been taken care of, here’s what makes the two bags so great!

They are versatile

KAVU bags are great for a variety of uses. While they aren’t technical enough for backpacking or rigorous outdoor use, they are more than capable for most most everything else. KAVU Rope Bags and Rope Slings aren’t quite backpacks, but way more than just a purse. They’ve found the perfect in between – not too big, and not too small. You can easily fit a jacket, tablet, water bottle, and books in these low profile packs. They’re ideal for school, work, a night out, trips to visit your favorite barista, day hikes, and most other everyday use.

They are durable

The Rope Bag and Rope Sling aren’t marketed for outdoor use, but KAVU is a lifestyle brand inspired by nature and the outdoors. This means that KAVU bags can handle more abuse than your average purse or everyday bag. Don’t be afraid to put your Rope Bag or Sling through its paces, because it will certainly hold up.

They look great

KAVU has always made a point to bring good looking products to the table. Expect cool new designs each season, and unlike a backpack, KAVU Rope Bags look good enough to take out on the town.

They’re functional

Yes, they can take a beating. Sure, they look good. And, of course they’re versatile. But what’s more is that KAVU Rope Bags and Rope Slings are functional as well. They feature one large zipper compartment, and two small pockets that make it easy to store and access your phone and wallet on the go. Another great feature is the quick release buckle that makes for quick and zippy removal.

They’re unique

KAVU is a weird company, and weird is a good thing! Rope Bags and Rope Slings have their own look. They hover in the realm of not quite a purse, not quite a backpack, and not quite a sling. This leaves you with a neat and unique item. To top off a one-of-a-kind design, KAVU also makes a point to use cool and unusual patterns. If you want something that stands out, KAVU bags are definitely the way to go.

We carry the KAVU Rope Bag, KAVU Rope Sling, and many more KAVU bags in the store. Stop by and check out what we’ve got!

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