Get Lost on Columbus Day

Map of the U.S.Humans have inhabited North America for at least 13,000 years. Leif Erikson reached the shores of present day Canada in the 11th century. Christopher Columbus reached the Americas in 1492. Today, we celebrate Columbus’ American landing as Columbus Day. We’ve celebrated Columbus Day in the United States ever since it became a federal holiday in 1937, but not everybody is feeling the day as of late. Some people get caught up in the fact that Columbus wasn’t even the first explorer to come to the Americas, let alone the first person to do so, and you can’t discover something that’s already been found. Others object to how Columbus treated natives, and the fact that he played a significant role in the transatlantic slave trade. Then there’s the whole – Columbus thought he had discovered a route to Asia, and didn’t realize he had stumbled across an entire uncharted continent – thing.

So basically, Columbus was lost, and he did some bad things.

Regardless of how you feel about the explorer or the holiday, you should take the opportunity to embrace the spirit of adventure, and get lost on Columbus Day.

Go to a place you’ve never been before

This could be a new climbing area, or a trail you’ve never hiked, or maybe a river you’ve never been to. Pick a place you’ve heard of, or one you haven’t and set out for an adventure.

Turn off the GPS

We’re spoiled by step-by-step directions. Get an address, grab a map, and plan your route the good old fashioned way. You’ll be surprised by how much more exciting it is.

Explore an alternate route

How many days do you bike or drive the exact same route to work? Be bold and take a left where you normally go right. Look for back roads and side streets and enjoy the ride.

Try something different

You don’t have to literally get lost. Pry yourself out of your habits and ways, and try something completely different. Take today as an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, see things you’ve never seen before, do something bold, and embrace the journey.

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