Outdoor Gear for Dogs

dog-harnessSometimes you want to get out and explore nature on your own. Sometimes you want to share an adventure with a companion. And sometimes that companion has four legs, a tail, and is covered in fur. Man’s best friend is often man’s best travel companion. Here is a list of outdoor gear for dogs that you might want to consider taking with you next time you go camping or hiking with a dog!

Collar and leash

A collar and leash are basic and essential. A dog without a collar can be mistaken for a stray, and without any information your dog won’t be returned to you if he or she gets lost. A collar also helps give you something to hold on to or to secure your dog when necessary. Also, make sure you know the leash laws in the area before you take your dog out.

It’s important to keep your dog on a leash, even if he or she is well trained off-leash. Keep in mind that your dog might chase an animal, get over excited by other dogs or people, and could get lost in an unfamiliar area.

Dog packs

Let your canine friends carry their own weight. A dog pack can stow food, water, and other dog accessories. Many dog packs also come with easy to grab handles and an anchor for a leash.

Dog harness

Harnesses are safer and more comfortable for dogs. They offer more support, and distribute pulling across the chest, which is better able to handle pressure than the trachea.

Dog life vest

Some dogs aren’t strong swimmers. Other dogs are great at swimming, but don’t know when they’ve exhausted themselves. Make sure that your dog stays afloat with a life vest.

Food and water bowls

Your dog has to eat and stay hydrated too! Consider collapsible food and collapsible water bowls for hiking and backpacking.


Bandanas look spiffy, but they can also be practical. A bright color bandana makes your dog more visible, and there are many uses for bandanas.

Wool blanket

While you won’t want to lug around a wool blanket on a hiking or backpacking trip, they are great for car camping. A wool blanket makes a great bed for your dog, and can also double as a protective cover for the interior of your car.

Lights or reflective material

If you’re staying out overnight, or even around dusk, you should consider attaching a light or reflective material to your dog’s collar. Low light makes it difficult to see. Keep your pet safe and make sure that they are easy to spot.


The same rules apply on the trail as at the park. Be considerate to other hikers, and help preserve the ecosystem, by cleaning up after your dog.

Dog boots

Some people think that these are a god-send. Others think that they are the silliest invention known to man. IfF you’re taking your dog up to 14,000-foot granite peaks, they could come in handy. If you’re walking along maintained dirt trails, they aren’t really necessary. Plus, don’t be surprised if your dog refuses to walk in dog boots.

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