Ammo Cans Are Great for Camping

ammo-cans-wideWe carry outdoor gear for things like camping, hiking, backpacking, and climbing, but we also have a great selection of military surplus. While these two things might initially seem unrelated, there’s a lot of overlap when it comes to surplus and outdoor gear. The tactical crowd can appreciate a light and portable sleeping bag designed for backpacking in the same way that car campers can appreciate a used ammo can. Ammo cans are affordable and versatile, and, believe it or not, ammo cans are great for camping.

Yes, ammo cans – those old metal boxes used by the military to store ammunition – have many other uses once they’re done storing ammo. Here are a few was you can use ammo cans for camping.

Use ammo cans as a weight

They can be filled with rocks, dirt, or sand to weigh down your tent or shelter, or to keep items from blowing away.

Use ammo cans to secure or organize items

If you want to add a little order to your camping set up, or if you just want to keep items contained, ammunition canisters are for you. Be careful about storing food in ammo cans. In fact, it’s recommended that you never store food in ammo cans because they may have lead and propellant residue inside.

Waterproof storage

Ammo cans have a rubber gasket that creates a seal around the lid. This provides waterproof storage for anything that needs to stay dry. Ammo cans are perfect for first aid kits, rain gear, and more.

Durable storage

Ammunition boxes are waterproof and rugged to boot. They’re typically made of metal, and since they’re designed to protect ammunition, they are incredibly durable. Anything stored in ammo cans will be safe and sound.

Keep dirt and dust out of your belongings

Depending on where you camp, dirt and dust could be more of an issue than water. Keep your camping gear grit free in in an ammo can.

Carry water.

Ammo boxes keep the water out, but they can also keep the water in. In a pinch, ammo cans can be used to carry water for cooking, cleaning, drinking, or whatever.

You can modify an ammo can to be used as a stove.

Ammo cans are also fireproof. They won’t burn through. With a little modification, you can make a pretty nice stove.

Use it as a stool.

Another great use for ammo cans.

Stop by and check out our selection of ammo cans and military surplus. What we have in stock is also changing, so make sure you stop in regularly!


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