You Ought to Have a Cot

Building with cotsA cot is basically a collapsible bed. They are usually quick and easy to set up and take down. It’s normal to use cots for camping, but they’re great anytime you need a temporary bed. Whether you need an extra bed when company comes to town, you need to maximize your floor space in your tiny cabin, or you just hate sleeping on the ground while camping, you ought to have a cot.

Cots stow away nicely

Most cots are compact enough to slide under a bed, store in a closet, or pack into the trunk of your car. This means that you can always have an extra bed on hand when you need it, without it taking up a ton of space while it’s not in use.

Make the most of your space

A cot’s best feature is it’s ability to maximize the use of space. You can set it up when you need it, and take it down when you don’t. This comes in handy when you’re spending the weekend in a one room cabin.

Temporary bed

You may have visitors staying at your place often enough to need an extra bed, but not so frequently as to justify buying an extra mattress set and dedicating an entire room to guests. A cot is exactly what you need.

Cots are comfortable

A cot won’t be as comfortable as a big memory foam mattress, but it beats sleeping on the ground. Adding a thin sleeping bad or insulating layer and a couple of blankets to a cot makes for a pretty cozy set up.

Cots are portable.

Because cots are compact and lightweight, they are easy to move around. It’s easy to bring your cot to a relative’s house for the weekend, or set up a comfy sleeping situation on your next car camping trip.

We carry a great selection of cots here at Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters. We have durable cots for camping and heavy use, as well cots that are great to have around just in case. Stop by and see us!


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