Choosing an EDC Knife: Fixed Vs. Folder

Photo credit: Gideon Haden ChomphosyChoosing the right EDC – or everyday carry – knife doesn’t require much deliberation. Basically all you have to do is:

  • Know the knife laws in your state.
  • Think about which type of knife is most useful/practical for what you do.
  • Find a knife that looks/feels good.

Of course, that’s the simplified process. There are all kinds of things to consider if you really want to get into choosing an EDC. You can obsess over blade material, custom scales, locking mechanism, opening mechanism, blade type, and much more. Some view these specifics as trivial, while others view them as essential for choosing an EDC.

One of the most basic elements of a knife is whether it folds or if it is fixed. If you want to choose the perfect EDC knife, then this is one of the first things you must consider.

What’s the difference between a folding blade and a fixed blade?

The names say it all, really.

  • A folding knife – or folder – has a hinge near the middle of the knife that allows the blade to close into the handle. Think of traditional pocket knifes. Most folding knives have some type of locking mechanism to keep the blade in position when the knife is in use. There are many exceptions, however.
  • A fixed blade knife does not fold, and requires a sheath to cover the blade. Fixed knives may have a tang – or piece of metal that is part of the blade – that extends part way or all the way through the handle. A tang that extends all the way through the length of the handle is called a full tang.

Can you carry a fixed blade as an EDC knife?

First, check the laws in your state to see if you are legally allowed to carry a fixed blade EDC in your state. Then, consider whether or not you should.

A fixed blade knife makes more sense in some environments and occupations than in others. Sometimes a fixed blade isn’t really practical, it’s less convenient than a folder, and it might raise suspicions. In other words, don’t choose a fixed blade knife just because you think it looks cool. Think about whether or not it actually makes sense for you to carry one.

Why would you want a fixed blade EDC?

If you work in an office, or at a desk, or even just around the house, a folding knife can handle most of the things you would need it for – opening letters, breaking down boxes, etc.

Folding knives tuck away nicely into your pocket, they are inconspicuous, and they are suitable for most tasks you come across during a normal day. A fixed blade, on the other hand, are conspicuous and overkill for most everyday task for most people. Plus, a knife dangling from your neck or strapped to your hip makes you look a little dangerous.

Fixed blade knives are typically used for more demanding tasks, like prying, scraping, chopping, etc. Things that you wouldn’t want to use a folder for. Also, things most people working in offices don’t have to do. If you work outdoors doing construction, maintenance, manual labor, or things of that nature, it might make sense to carry a small fixed blade EDC. For those of you with desk jobs, a folder is more than sufficient.

Whether you’re looking for a folder or a fixed blade EDC, we’ve got a great selection to meet your needs. Stop by and check out our inventory!


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