There’s No Shame In Packing a Sleeping Pad

Photo credit: Gideon Haden ChomphosyCamping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. There’s no law saying that you must deprive yourself of any comforts or luxuries the second you pitch a tent. That wouldn’t be very enjoyable, after all. There is, however, a fine line between being comfortable and glamping. Glamping is a silly term that basically means you go camping with a bunch of silly things that you don’t need. Things that will get you funny looks from other campers. Things like portable margarita makers and canopy beds. A sleeping pad, however, is not one of those expendable items.

There are plenty of camping luxuries that aren’t quite necessary, but pretty close to it. You can certainly go camping without a sleeping pad, and you might even have a good time, but some would call this unusual punishment.

Sleeping pads are important camping equipment. And yes, their primary function is comfort. But that’s just a superficial way of looking at a pad.

Here’s what a sleeping pad does for you.

  • Provides insulation between you and the cold ground.
  • Helps you retain body heat.
  • Keeps you and your sleeping bag dry when the ground or tent floor is wet.
  • Provides cushion from rocks, roots, or uneven ground.
  • Provides a softer surface than the ground.

What does all of that translate to?

  • You can enjoy better quality sleep.
  • Which means you will feel more rested in the morning.
  • You will be in a better mood.
  • You will have energy to enjoy the next day.

Sleeping pads are not a source of ridicule, and they shouldn’t be viewed as something reserved for the soft or delicate camper. It’s not that most campers need a sleeping pad, it’s jut that it makes the camping experience more enjoyable. There are only two reasons someone might give you grief over a sleeping pad.

  1. They’ve never used one and don’t know what they’re missing.
  2. They’re irritable due to a lack of sleep because they don’t own a sleeping pad.

Why single out a sleeping pad, though? If you’re going to suffer, you should suffer. Don’t bring a tent, embrace the patter of rain and endure the legions of biting mosquitoes. A sleeping bag provides too much comfort to really qualify as roughing it. Why bring food for that matter? True campers catch their dinner or eat nothing at all, right?

Camping with luxuries does not immediately qualify as glamping. A sleeping pad might be viewed as an expendable luxury to some, but there are people who qualify a sleeping pad as a necessity for camping. But keep in mind that a sleeping pad is only necessary if you want to sleep comfortably. If you take pride in suffering or view camping as a right of passage, stick to your bed of dirt and pine needles.

For everyone else, stop by and check out our selection of sleeping pads for camping. We have big, luxurious pads that are great for car camping as well as light weight sleeping pads that are ideal for backpacking.


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