Knife Laws in Arkansas

Photo credit: Gideon Haden ChomphosyWhether you’re backpacking, camping, or climbing a knife can really come in handy. In fact, a knife is one of the ten outdoor essentials. Outdoor enthusiasts everywhere know to pack a knife when heading out in nature, but many people carry knives with them on a daily basis. In Arkansas, it’s second nature to carry an EDC pocket knife. Of course, knife laws vary from state to state, so it’s good to know how your state handles knives. Here is a look at knife laws in Arkansas.

What are the knife laws in Arkansas?

The short, sweet answer is that Arkansas is one of the most knife-friendly states in the country, and there are practically no restrictions on knives in the state of Arkansas. In 2011, the state did away with outdated knife laws that were intended to prevent Bowie knife duels in the Ozark hills. Before the change in legislation, you couldn’t carry knives with a blade longer than 3.5 inches. Now, you can own and carry practically any type of knife.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

While you can legally carry a Bowie knife on your hip, or carry a balisong in your pocket, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. Most people do not need to carry big and dangerous knives. Bringing a hefty fixed blade on your camping trip is one thing, but carrying a giant knife to the grocery store is completely different.

Finding the right knife for your needs.

We have one of the best knife selections in Northwest Arkansas. We carry everything from EDC pocket knives that are suited for work and home to automatic folders to full-tang fixed blades that are perfect for camping. Some of out customers are collectors, and know exactly what they’re looking for, while others need a little more guidance. Stop by the store and check out our selection! We would love to help you find the right knife for your next big backpacking trip, or a light and compact folder for everyday carry.


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