Hiking Is Good For You and Enjoyable

Mountain HikerSome people do some pretty strange things to stay in shape. They go on juice cleanses and replace meals with protein powder and supplement concoctions. They lift heavy weights everyday in dark and musky gyms, and run on treadmills while watching the Food Network with longing. But the sacrifice is worth it, and the goal is clear. Lifting heavy metal things gives you the strength to lift heavier metal things, and running on a treadmill increases the amount of time you can spend running on a treadmill. Improved health is just a pleasant byproduct.

It’s good to be mindful of your health and fitness, but being in shape doesn’t have to be unpleasant. Punishing yourself in a gym might not be your idea of a good time. Luckily, there are ways to stay in shape while having fun. Hiking is good for you, and it’s something that you will actually enjoy.

Hiking is good for your physical health

The number of calories you burn while hiking depends on a number of different factors:

  • Your body weight
  • Your pace
  • The distance you travel
  • How much weight you’re carrying
  • The terrain

But while it’s difficult to quantify the calories you burn while hiking, it’s safe to say that you’re getting a good workout. Hiking not only burns calories, it also helps improve your cardiovascular health, reduces the risk of obesity, reduces the risk of diabetes, improves bone density, and helps build or maintain muscle.

Again, hiking’s physical health benefits are determined by the nature of your hike. You will receive more benefits the farther you go, the more difficult your hike is, and the more weight you have in your pack. But no matter how yo look at it, hiking is good for you.

Hiking is good for your mental health

Hiking has been shown to help reduce symptoms of depression. It’s not easy to stay upset when you’re exploring a beautiful landscape, breathing in the fresh air on a beautiful sunny day. Spending time out in nature improves a persons mood, and provides a break from stress at work or at home. Kicking up dust on the trail gives you a chance to clear your mind and reflect on the more enjoyable parts of life.

Hiking can be enjoyed in the company of friends and family

Lifting weights or running in a gym is not only tedious and unpleasant for many people, but it is also a solitary lonely endeavor. You can enjoy a hike with an entire group of people at varying levels of physical fitness.

Hiking is a hobby, not a chore

If you view exercising as a bothersome task that has to be done, try getting outside and hiking. Hiking is good for you in many different ways, and it can make exercising fun!


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