7 Tips for Hiking With a Questionable Forecast

Storm cloudsWe’ve all experienced iffy weather predictions. “It may or may not pour or drizzle across some or none of the tri-state area.” Even when we get a committal, “It’s gonna rain.” from the weather man, we might end up carrying our umbrellas like saps as the precipitation sticks to the clouds. You shouldn’t hold it against the meteorologists, but finicky weather makes it difficult to pack for a hiking trip. You don’t want to bring extra items that you don’t end up using, right? That extra weight adds up with each step. But hiking in the rain is difficult without the right preparation. So what should you do?

Here are seven tips to help you plan your hiking trip with uncertain weather.

Plan on hiking in the rain

This means mentally prepare yourself for hiking in the rain. It will be a nice surprise if the rain holds off, and if the rain comes you will be ready for it. Plan for the best, and prepare for the worst. This may be the most important tip when it comes to planning for any hiking trip. Of course, it’s also important to have the right gear for your hike.

Dress right

Wear wool or synthetic garments that will insulate when wet and dry quickly. Avoid wearing cotton. This will keep you comfortable rain or shine.

Pack a rain jacket

Nobody likes packing gear and not using it. However, some items are worth carrying just in case. A rain jacket is one of those items. A lightweight rain jacket or poncho greatly increases your comfort while hiking in the rain, and it’s better to bring it and not need it, than to leave it and wish you had it.

Bring a trash bag

You need a trash bag anyway, but a trash bag can also be clutch with unpredictable weather. Trash bags are small and light enough to fit anywhere in your pack, and they can keep your gear dry if you get caught in a downpour.

Bring a hat

Hats keep the sun out of your face, but they can also keep the rain out of your eyes. If you’ve ever been hiking in the rain, you know just how important a brim can be.

Pack a an extra pair of socks

Wet feet are the bane of any hiker. Keep spirits high and your toes dry on the trail with an extra pair of socks.

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