Why Should I Shop Local?

USSO SignWe know that shopping at big chains is bad, and shopping local is good. But why is it good to shop local? Why shop local at all? Is it because all of your friends do it? Or maybe because a bumper sticker told you to do it? Maybe you shop locally because you just feel like it’s something that you’re supposed to do. Those reasons are OK, but they aren’t exactly rational. Don’t just shop locally because a gray-haired man smelling of patchouli told you to. There are several good reasons why you should support small local businesses.

Why shop local?

It benefits the people in your community.

When you shop local, you put money in the pockets of your friends and neighbors. It’s nice knowing that you are helping to support your community rather than just adding another drop in the bucket at a huge chain store. When you have the option to buy the same thing from a friend or a stranger, you of course choose the friend. It just makes sense to support your small local businesses.

It helps support your local economy.

Because the money you’re spending goes to people in your community rather than a large corporation out of state, more of each dollar you spend at a local business tends to stay in your community. A dollar spent at a local business can generate 3 times more return to the local economy than a dollar spent at a chain.

Shopping local helps provide character.

Huge retailers and chain stores aren’t bad, but they don’t really give a town or city much character. An REI, Best Buy, or a Starbucks will be pretty much the same regardless of what town you’re in. Shopping locally allows smaller, unique businesses to keep the doors open.

Get help from people who care.

Unlike huge chain stores that can randomly draw a name from a huge pool of applicants, small businesses tend to hire people who care more about the business, and therefore tend to know more. Caring more and knowing more means that the customer will get better service and have a better experience.

We’re lucky here in Fayetteville. There are a lot of great outdoor stores in Northwest Arkansas, and we’re proud to be one of them. Stop by and see us some time!


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