7 Ways to Be an Obnoxious Camper

Glowing tentsLooking to exercise some proper camping etiquette? Here’s what not to do.

Have questionable taste in music, and make it known.

You love trap music, or pop country, or acid jazz, and so does everyone else. And if they don’t love it, they should at least know that you love it.

Playing music at a campground is OK, but keep it at a volume that stays at your site. You shouldn’t turn it up so loud that it rattles the tent stakes out of the ground.

Stay up really late, and make it known.

Who doesn’t love to party or have meaningful conversations about aliens until the sun comes up? Nobody, that’s who.

You don’t have to go to bed when the sun goes down, but you should absolutely respect campground quiet hours, and be considerate of other campers.

Get belligerent.

Another great way to be an obnoxious camper is by getting really drunk and aggressive.

Camping is about relaxing, and for some this includes having a couple of drinks. Just keep camping etiquette in mind and be respectful.

Generously spread your trash.

Toss beer cans in the fire pit, discard food wrappers as you please, and embrace the fact that you didn’t bring a trash bag with you.

Always bring a trash bag with you, use it, and keep trash secure. It’s more than just camping etiquette. Littering is unsightly, bad for the environment, and illegal.

Leave your belongings out and unsecured overnight.

That camping chair and ditty sack will be there in the morning. Wind and nocturnal animals have no power over your belongings.

As with trash, make sure that you secure and put away all of your items before calling it a night.

Take the concept of “neighbors” to a new level.

“Hey bro, are you going to eat all of your hotdogs? I forgot to bring food.” “I forgot to bring my tent stakes, can I sleep in your tent?”

It’s good to be friendly with your follow campers. In fact, that’s good camping etiquette. Just remember that many people who go camping are looking to relax and get away for a while. Recognize boundaries, and don’t overstay your welcome.

Be the rooster.

I’m awake at 5 a.m. Everyone else is asleep, and I am lonely. I will make as much noise as possible to create company.

In the same way that you shouldn’t make a ton of noise late into the night while camping, you shouldn’t make a ton of noise early in the morning. You don’t have to tiptoe around, but don’t clang skillets and blast jazz.

The real secret to good camping etiquette is to be considerate of others. It’s definitely possible to enjoy yourself and have a good time without being an obnoxious camper!


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