7 Reasons to Pack it Out

Pack it outThe best way to help minimize your impact on the trail is by reducing the amount of waste you generate while hiking. Eliminating as much trash as possible before you even step foot on the trail is a good place to start. Throw away excess packaging, store food in reusable bags or containers, and think twice about packing anything that might need to be thrown away on the trail. You can’t always get rid of all of your future trash before you start your backpacking trip. But if you pack it in, you should always pack it out.

Pack it in, pack it out is a reminder to hikers that they should never leave anything on the trail. If you bring something out on the trail, take it back home with you. Here are seven reasons you should always pack it out.

It’s considerate

No one wants to look at your trash or pick up after you while out on a hike. Keep in mind that you’re not the only person using the trails, and always keep up with your items and trash.

It’s easy

If you can’t keep up with your items or trash, you might be a 5-year old, in which case you shouldn’t be hiking alone. Keep all trash contained in a secure pack compartment, and keep tabs on your gear.

It’s the responsible thing to do

You wash your dishes, you pick up your dirty laundry, and you mow your lawn, so pick up after yourself while out on the trail.

Litter harms the environment

Trash on the trail is more than just unsightly. Garbage and waste can damage an environment and harm plants and wildlife.

Litter ruins an experience

If you’ve ever seen Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park, you know that it’s an incredible sight and an impressive display of nature. Now, imagine seeing the geyser spew Pringles cans and Pepsi bottles. Many hit the trail to escape civilization and connect with nature, not to see what you had for lunch.

Litter can be dangerous

Broken glass and rusty cans can harm hikers, pets, and wildlife.

It’s illegal to litter

All 50 states have penalties for littering. In Arkansas, it’s a misdemeanor. The penalty for littering in Arkansas is a fine between $100 and $1,000, and eight hours of community service for the first offense.



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