10 Tasty Hiking Snacks

Epic BarsHiking is a great activity, but it requires a lot of energy and burns a ton of calories. It’s important to stay nourished on the trail so that you can keep your energy up and keep your feet churning mile after mile. However, the types of food you can take while hiking are limited. Hiking snacks must be portable, light, compact, and non-perishable. Luckily, there are still plenty of tasty snacks for hiking that meet all of the criteria. Here are 10 great trail snacks to choose from for your next hiking trip.

10 Tasty Hiking Snacks


A popular source of protein among hikers for years, jerky is a convenient and tasty trail snack. Beef jerky is the classic, but you can now buy jerky made from bison, chicken, turkey, fish, and more.

Trail mix

Trail mix is another classic hiking snack. There are tons of store bought varieties, but you can also experiment and make your own trail mix to suit your taste buds.


Almonds, cashews, peanuts (technically a legume rather than a nut), are all nutritious and portable trail snacks.

Food bars

There are so many different options for food bars these days that we’re spoiled for choice. We’re in a golden age of food bars and you can find an almost absurd selection of vegan, Paleo, organic, and gourmet options. And unlike bars of yore, today’s bars actually taste pretty good.

Dried fruit

Fresh fruit is heavy, delicate, and can spoil. Dried fruit is light and resilient. If you’re looking for a fruit fix on the trail, dried is definitely the way to go.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is loaded with protein, fat, and calories, all of which are valuable nutrients while exerting yourself on the trail. Dip veggies, lather it onto a tortilla, or eat it on its own.


“Granola” is more than a slur for nature lovers. It’s also a quintessential hiking snack.

Chicken or tuna packets

You can buy ready to eat packets of tuna or chicken from the grocery store. This is a great way to get a little variety and extra protein while on the trail. The biggest drawback to this snack is having to carry the smelly trash for the remainder of your hike.


This is for the hardcore, old-school, minimalist, spartan outdoorsmen. Pemmican isn’t tasty, but it may be the most efficient and practical trail food around. It doesn’t spoil, and is loaded with nutrients. Check out these pemmican recipes.

Fruit leather

Because eating things in leather form is so much better. Fruit leather is another great way to get your daily fruit intake while hiking.


Did we forget your favorite hiking snack? Let us know in the comments!

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