Go Ahead and Reserve Your Campsite

Full campground in the MountainsYou woke up on Monday with an insatiable desire to go camping. You spent Tuesday convincing some friends or family members to go camping with you, and you spent the rest of the week day-dreaming about campfires and fantasizing about how incredible the weekend is going to be. You wake up before the rooster crows on Friday to pack your car, and head to work where you kill 8 hours until it’s finally time to go camping! You head to the store for some last minute items, rendezvous with your crew, and head to your favorite campground.

After driving for what seems like an eternity, you arrive to a completely occupied campground. You circle the campground three times looking for a site that you might have missed the previous go around, and watch in envy as people pitch tents and prepare dinner.

That took the wind out of your sails, but there’s still some daylight, so you drive to your number 2 choice an hour away. Lo and behold, this campground is also overflowing with well-prepared campers.

By now, the sun is going down and your once jovial entourage is beginning to grumble, but you are determined to go camping, so you head to your secret campground that nobody knows about.

Except everybody knows about it.

As you drive up to the campground you can see a number of campfires peppered through the darkness. You do a lap of shame as you drive around the campground, blinding the happy campers as you search in vain for a vacant campsite.

You’ve spent hours driving on bumpy roads, your guitar is out of tune, your beer is warm, and your potato salad has attracted some rather plump looking flies. It’s late, everyone in the car is upset, and you finally turn back home in defeat.

Instead of enjoying some quality time with friends and family in nature, you spend the evening unpacking the unused camping equipment from your car.

You should have called ahead and reserved your campsite.

There are still plenty of campsites and campgrounds that are first-come first-served, however many maintained campgrounds take reservations these days. Being prepared and making reservations can keep you from driving around trying to find a campsite, or worse yet, heading home without camping at all.

If you’re not going on a spur of the moment trip, and you’re trying to get a space at a popular campground, call ahead and make a reservation.

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