How to Camp If You Hate Camping

Glamping set upThis post is for people who don’t like camping, but want to learn to love it. Maybe you don’t know how to camp, or maybe you had a terrible camping experience as a child, or maybe you have an idea of what camping is that isn’t really accurate. This post isn’t for people who hate camping and want nothing to do with it, however. If you don’t like camping, and don’t want to like camping, don’t go camping. But if you want to learn to love the joys of camping, here are some tips to help get you there.

Rule #1: Identify what it is about camping that you don’t like. Is it the bugs? Is it the food? Is it the lack of a toilet? Do you hate being cold? Do you hate being away from Facebook? Figure out what you don’t like about camping and see if you can:

  1. Work around it.
  2. Accept it, and deal with it.
  3. Address the issue.

With that rule in mind, here are some common reasons people don’t like to camp, and what you can do to address the issue.

Take baby steps.

Don’t go backpacking, go car camping. If you really don’t like camping, you probably shouldn’t go backpacking. Backpacking embodies everything that the “I hate camping” faction hates about camping.

Have the right gear, and don’t be lacking.

Be comfortable. Bring camp tables and camp chairs. Bring air mattress and thick luxurious sleeping pads. Bring slippers and portable fans. Bring fluffy pillows and plush blankets. Bring cushions and shade tents. Camping doesn’t have to be a spartan challenge. You’re allowed to get cozy.

Eat like a king, or queen.

With a cooler, you can bring the ingredients for practically any meal. Java fiends can bring coffee presses, and cooking is a breeze with a camping stove.

Keep the bugs away.

Bug spray is a sure fire way to get rid of mosquitoes, ticks, and chiggers. Mosquito coils or citronella candles can help keep mosquitoes even further from your campsite.

Be entertained.

People who like camping view it as a chance to get out in nature and escape the distractions of everyday life. People who don’t like camping see it as dull ordeal without any Wi-Fi. Well, believe it or not, many campgrounds around the country now have Wi-Fi, so you can Netflix and chill directly from your tent… No judgement here. Even if you decide to embrace the camping experience a little bit more, you should bring something to keep yourself entertained. Books, board games, musical instruments, whatever.

Go to a campground.

This applies to those who demand being within walking distance of a working toilet. Campgrounds typically have some basic facilities like a trash can, running water, and a bathroom. If you’re lucky, your campground may even have electrical plug-ins and vending machines! Make sure to call ahead and get a reservation, otherwise the frustration of not having an available site will only fuel your hatred of camping.

Once you identify what you don’t like about camping, it’s easy to take steps to plan an enjoyable camping experience. Unless hating nature is your reason for hating camping, that is. There’s nothing you can do about that one. We’ve got the goods to put you in the woods, so be sure and see us before your next camping trip!

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