5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Gear for Children

IMG_3877It’s easy to think of reasons not to buy expensive camping equipment for children. Kids grow like weeds, they’re hard on their belongings, and they tend to misplace those battered belongings. So when it comes to spending money on hiking or backpacking gear, most parents are inclined to wait until their children are a little older before making any investments.

As many reasons as there are for not buying outdoor gear for children, there are many good reasons why you should buy camping equipment for kids. Here are 5 reasons why you should buy outdoor gear for your kids.

It can help teach them responsibility. By giving your children something that they have to take care of and keep up with, you’re helping them develop a sense of responsibility. They will take pride in having their very own equipment and will enjoy the challenge of taking care of it. You might just have to remind them…

It helps them develop an appreciation for nature. It’s good for children to play outside. But for many children, video games, television, and the Internet have been making outside less appealing over the years. When you take your family camping or hiking, you’re showing them how fun it is to get out and explore.

You don’t have to spend a fortune. There’s no getting around the fact that children will outgrow the gear that you buy for them. But that doesn’t mean you have to fully equip them every 3 years. Buy them a pack that can be used for a long time, or maybe buy a bigger sleeping bag that your child can grow into. Piecemeal your purchases so that you outfit your child as they grow.

Start a tradition. When your child finally outgrows their old camping or hiking equipment, don’t toss it. Let your kids proudly pass their gear on to younger siblings. No younger kids? Put it in a box and put it in storage so that your children can pass that gear down to their children when they’re raising their own little adventurers. Outdoor gear is built to last, even children’s equipment, and you can get more use out of it than you might think!

It adds to the fun. Camping and hiking is fun no matter what, but your children will love the fact that they have their very own gear, and you will get a kick out of watching their excitement and enthusiasm!

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