7 Camping Luxuries

Cards and Camp TableThere are two extremes when it comes to camping. You’ve got those who wander into the woods for a week with nothing but a knife and a bed roll, and then you have those who haul out a battery-operated TV and an inflatable mattress for an overnight camping trip. Both approaches are fine, but you don’t have to choose between survival and glamping. You can find a balance that allows you rough it while still being comfortable.

Here are 7 things that can make your next camping trip more comfortable.

  1. A sleeping pad is more comfortable than the ground and more respectable than a mattress. Some might put this in the necessities category.
  2. You can find a log, stump, or a stone to sit on, but nothing beats the comfort of a camp chair. There are tons of camp chairs out there in a number different shapes and sizes. The best way to find the one that’s right for you is to try one out before you buy.
  3. Many people are starting to replace their tents with hammocks. But even if you’re sticking with your tent, a hammock can provide a super comfy place to relax and unwind. There’s nothing like rocking back and forth in the breeze after a long day of hiking or exploring.
  4. A camp table provides you with a space to cook your food, place your drinks, or play a game of cards. It’s far more clean and comfortable than hunching over and preparing your dinner in the dirt.
  5. Unless you want to eat hot dogs cooked over an open flame, or crackers and peanut butter for dinner, a camp stove is a must-have. Your dinner options immediately increase with a camping stove as you can make everything from quesadillas to pasta and more. A camp stove will also make your morning bacon and eggs much easier and keep you from having to start up a fire.
  6. A lantern isn’t necessary…unless you plan on doing things with your friends and family after the sun has gone down. A lantern provides light without keeping you and your camp mates tethered to the fire. Headlamps and flashlights work fine, but a lantern is a more communal source of light.
  7. Boots are a must-have for chopping wood, and hiking shoes are necessary for burning through miles of trail, but a nice pair of camp shoes are ideal for relaxing around the fire. Camp shoes should be easy to slip on and off without having to re-lace or untie, and will provide a seamless transition from the tent to the fire.

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