One Sleeping Bag or Two?

ThermometersA good sleeping bag is crucial for camping. You need a sleeping bag that will keep you toasty and warm when camping in sub-freezing temperatures during the winter, but you need a bag that will be lightweight and breathable during the summer months. Unless you’ve manage to get your hands on a magical unicorn down sleeping bag, you’re not going to be able to use the same bag in the freezing cold and in sweltering heat. So what are you supposed to do?

Do you buy one bag that is suited for cold weather, and skip camping in the summer? Do you do the opposite and buy a warm weather sleeping bag? Do you buy a 3-season sleeping bag and get a little warm in the summer and a little cold in the winter? Do you shell out some extra dough and purchase two different sleeping bags?

These are all possibilities, but there are some other options that you should consider as well.

If you want to own one sleeping bag…

Think about when you’re most likely to go camping. Do you love summer camping? Do you hate crowds and prefer to get outside in the cold? If you’re not going to camp in warm weather, get a cold weather bag. If you think you’re more likely to get out when it’s warm, get a summer bag.

Another option is to purchase a 3-season sleeping bag. This is the ideal sleeping bag for Arkansas. It will be perfect for the spring and fall, but a little cool in the winter, and a little warm in the summer. If you purchase a sleeping bag liner, however, you will get all the warmth you need for the winter, and the liner can be used alone in the summer. Sleeping bag liners are also great for increasing the lifespan of your sleeping bag.

Purchasing one sleeping bag can be cheaper than purchasing two separate bags, but you are a little more limited by the conditions outside.

If you want to own two sleeping bags…

Owning two different sleeping bags – one for summer camping and one for winter camping – is the best way to ensure that you stay comfortable while camping regardless of the season. You will typically end up spending more money this way, but you will be better equipped for either end of the thermometer.

It’s still a good idea to invest in a liner to protect your sleeping bags. A liner can be removed and washed, which helps preserve your bags.

Of course, how warm or cold you sleep will also help determine the type of sleeping bag that you need. Stop by the store and let us help you pick the perfect bag that’s right for you!

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