3 Thoughts on the Term “Hammocking”

Woman in a hammockHammocks have become extremely popular over the past decade. Hammocks are no longer confined to backyards, and are popping up on trails, parks, and campuses at a rapid rate. In fact, hammocks are so popular now that “hammocking” has become a thing.

That’s right, hammocks have done what tents and chairs have failed to do. You don’t refer to it as “chairing” when you and a group of friends are sitting together in chairs, and you don’t call sleeping in a tent, “tenting”. You do, however, call spending time in a hammock, “hammocking”.

Here are three common takes on hammocking.

Hammocking is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, and I want to live in a hammock. #Hammocklife

That hammock life hashtag is not a joke. There are over 130,000 posts tagged with #hammocklife on Instagram… Some people are really into hammocks. They get together with friends and hang out in hammocks together. They check websites and forums and stay up to date on all the latest hammock accessories and products.

These people can tell you why it’s better to camp in a hammock than a tent, and they will happily explain the proper way to lie in a hammock. For these people, hammocking is not just a thing, but a way of life.

I don’t get it, hammocks are dumb, and why is hammock being used as a verb?

This is where the counterculture camp hangs out. Hammocks are cool, which means that they are not actually cool, because cool things are easy to latch onto making them inherently not cool. These people will actively avoid hammocks, and relentlessly mock anyone who owns a hammock.

They don’t see the value or purpose of a hammock, and would never dream of camping in a hammock. The only thing that they hate more than hammocks is the term “hammocking”.

“Hammocking” is a stupid term, but hammocks are pretty cool.

This group acknowledges the silliness of the term, but doesn’t hold it against the hammocks themselves. They recognize¬† that hammocks are a simple and lightweight alternative to tents. They appreciate how comfortable and relaxing hammocks can be, and they are content lounging in a hammock by themselves, but would welcome anyone else who wants to join them.

They wouldn’t name their hammock as one of their most prized possessions, and they don’t see how spending time in a hammock qualifies as a way of life, but they do find hammocks to be pretty neat.

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