5 Tips for a Romantic Camping Trip

Campfire and marshmallowsCamping can be pretty romantic. Cuddling next to a warm and cozy fire while staring up at a beautiful star-lit sky is up there on the list of romantic clichés. While it doesn’t take a lot to turn a camping trip into a romantic weekend getaway, there are, however, a few pitfalls to avoid. Here are five tips for planning a romantic camping trip.

Avoid crowded campgrounds. Camping in crowds can be fun, but not if what you’re looking for is privacy. Find a more secluded camping spot that’s clear of high-traffic campgrounds. Also make sure that your special and secret camping spot is actually special and secret. The only thing worse than pulling up to a full campground is going out of your way to reach your special place, only to find that someone else has beaten you to it.

The setting is nearly as important as the privacy. Make sure that the scenery is fitting for a romantic weekend. Think high vantage point with a beautiful view, a creek-side campsite, or a site that’s tucked away in a grove of trees. It doesn’t matter that you’re the only two people out there if you’re camping in the ugliest spot on the planet. Fortunately, you can basically pick up a rock, throw it in any direction, and find a beautiful camping spot in Arkansas.

Bring the luxuries. There’s a time for roughing it and a time to be comfortable. Romantic camping getaways fall under the latter. Bring the big, heavy two person sleeping bag and the plush, wide sleeping pads. Instead of meal bars or freeze-dried food, live it up with a more lavish meal. Romance and bushcraft don’t always mix.

Plan some activities. You don’t have to plan anything elaborate or over the top, but just have something to do. Hike, explore, or do whatever just as long as you have something planned to pass the time.

Just be thoughtful. You know your significant other better than a blog on the Internet does. If his or her idea of romance is to not lift a finger, by all means be the camper of the month and set up the tent, cook the food, and tend the fire. If your significant other likes to help out, do those things together. If they love silly activities, plan accordingly, and if they would rather hike, just do that.

While some folks like a nice dinner, a bottle of wine, and a love sonnet beneath the stars, an evening plucked out of the romance for dummies playbook isn’t going to be enjoyable for everyone. The best way to plan a romantic camping trip is thinking about the other person, and tailor your trip around their preferences. Showing the other person that you really know them and that you put a lot of thought into planning the trip is the best romantic gesture.

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