Dirt Cheap Camping Gear

Photo credit: Gideon Haden ChomphosyIf you’ve recently purchased a new winter jacket, or backpacking stove, or a new lightweight sleeping bag, you know that camping gear can be quite expensive. While there are many items that cost a lot of money due to the materials used, production costs, or the research and development involved in creating the product, there’s also plenty of cheap camping gear out there that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Here’s a list of cheap camping equipment that you won’t have to scrimp and save in order to afford.

Paracord is incredibly useful, and costs just a few cents per foot.

A P-38 can opener costs less than a dollar, and can keep you from going hungry at dinner time.

No pack is complete without an emergency blanket. Hopefully this will stay in your pack for years without ever seeing use, but it could end up saving your life one day.

If you get caught in a rainstorm, you’ll be glad you have an emergency rain poncho. Staying dry is worth a dollar, right?

A roll of athletic tape can usually be purchased for just a few dollars. You can use it for a number of purposes including gear maintenance, covering wounds, protecting against blisters, and making shelters.

A small bottle of hand sanitizer is an inexpensive way to help with backcountry hygiene and ensure that you always have a firestarter.

Keychain multitools range in price, but there are several options that can be purchased for under $10. Also, keychain flashlights can provide an affordable backup light source.

Water purification drops or tablets will ensure that you always have potable water, and can cost as little as $10.

Not only are water bottles relatively inexpensive, bu they will actually save you money in the long run.

Pocket knives may have the largest price range of any outdoor gear. High end pocket knives can cost thousands of dollars, but you can get a solid camp knife for under ten.

Sporks are cheap and simple.

A bandana is another cheap and versatile camp item. There are tons of uses for bandanas, and they cost just a few dollars.

Waterproof matches are a cheap and reliable way to make sure you have a fire in any type of condition.

A simple tarp comes with many uses, and a manageable price tag.

Whether you’re putting together a lightweight shelter, or you just need to get replacements for your tent, stakes can be bought on anyone’s budget.

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