Tips for Minimizing Your Impact While Camping

Tent and SubaruOne of the main reasons that people go camping is to get outdoors and experience nature. This does not include mountains of trash or hundreds of makeshift campsites throughout the forest. That’s why it’s so important to try and reduce your impact while you’re camping.

The most important thing that you can do to limit your impact is to make a conscious effort to reduce your effect on your campsite. It’s a matter of consideration and respect. Think about the people who will visit the campsite after you’ve gone.

A great way to start minimizing your impact on your campsite is to familiarize yourself with the seven Leave No Trace principles. Here are some other things you can do to make sure that your campsite will be enjoyed by people after you’ve left it.

  • Before you head out to your campsite, get rid of any unnecessary trash or packaging. Food can removed from disposable packaging, and put it in reusable packaging. Reducing the amount of trash you bring out will automatically reduce the amount of trash you generate while camping.
  • For some people, camping without a campfire is like playing with a yo-yo without a string. Burn bans, or a lack of firewood can remove campfires from the equation. If a campfire isn’t a safe option, cooking with a camp stove can keep you from going hungry and reduce the impact on your campsite.
  • If you do get a fire going it’s important that you don’t treat your fire pit like a trash can. Burning trash can not only release harmful chemicals, but it can also leave litter in your rock ring. This can be unsightly, lure out animals, or cause injury to future campers. Also, use fallen limbs and downed trees rather than chopping or cutting from living trees.
  • Put things away when you’reĀ  done with them. This is especially true for food. Keeping your campsite tidy will help keep your campsite contained. Leaving out trash or food can invite unwanted animals right up to your tent.
  • Bring a bag or container for trash, and if necessary, one for recycling. Keep this trash contained in a car, vehicle, or lock box over night.

Try to keep your camping to sites that have been used before. Only build a new camp site if an existing one is not available. Not only will camping at established sites make your job easier, it will also help reduce your impact on the environment while you’re camping.

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