Underrated Camping Gear

Blue tarpSome camping gear gets all the attention. Tents and sleeping bags typically steal the show, and nothing draws the eye in a gear closet like a big hatchet or a survival knife. There’s no doubt that sleeping bags, tents, and knives are important, and in most cases necessary, to having a successful camping trip. There are many camping items, however, that don’t get the attention that they deserve.

These items aren’t as iconic as a tent or a hatchet, but they are just as important when it comes to having an enjoyable camping experience. Here are some underrated camping items, and why you should add them to your gear list right now.

A tarp will provide protection from the sun, wind, and rain, and can even be used as a ground cover to protect your tent from rips and moisture. In a pinch, tarps can even be used to make a rain poncho or offer water proof protection for your belongings.

Paracord is dirt cheap, and can be incredibly useful. It can be used to fashion a clothesline, set up shelters, fasten gear, or even for entertainment. There are tons of different uses for 550 cord, and it’s much more compact rope or other accessory cord options.

People often think that a lantern or campfire will provide all the light they need for camping. But you can’t carry your campfire with you, and toting a lantern around with you while you’re gathering firewood is an impractical hassle. A headlamp provides you with hands free lighting wherever it’s needed.

Never underestimate the value of hand sanitizer. Yes it keeps your hands clean, but it can also be used as a fire starter. Most hand sanitizers contain flammable alcohol, which can make starting a fire a breeze.

Start packing an emergency blanket if you don’t already. Emergency blankets pack down to nothing, provide extra warmth when you need it, and can save your life in an emergency situation.

Water containers are invaluable. No, not just a water bottle, but a large reusable water container that can hold multiple gallons of water at a time.  You can never bring too much water. You need it for cleaning, cooking, controlling your campfire, and, of course, staying hydrated.

Maybe the most underrated camping gear item is the 5 gallon bucket. These buckets can be used to gather firewood, used for watertight storage, or used as a camp chair. They’re super cheap, incredibly practical, and definitely underrated.

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