Getting Your Layers to Fit Just Right

William Snow BreckenridgeWith fall in the air and winter on its way, it’s time to start thinking about warm layers. Layering isn’t complicated. It doesn’t require a PhD, or really much thought at all. If you want to layer effectively, however, you do have to put a little bit of thought into it.

Layering for cold weather is all about how the pieces fit. Of course, what your layering pieces are made from is important, but that really doesn’t matter if your outer shell isn’t big enough to fit over your bulky fleece jacket. Getting your layers to fit just right is key to staying warm in cold weather.

You want your base layer to be as snug as possible while still being comfortable. There are a couple of reasons you want your base layer to fit tight. The first being comfort. Your base layer will wick away moisture, and provide extra insulation. A loose base layer is less effective at both of these tasks than a tight fitting base layer. The second reason you want a close-fitting base layer is because you still have to fit your mid layer and outer layer over what you’re wearing. You should focus on minimizing bulk whenever possible.

Your mid layers are typically going to provide most of your insulation. A fleece shirt is popular option as an in insulating mid layer. If you plan on wearing two mid layers, make sure that one fits comfortably over the other, and also keep in mind the size of your outer layer/shell.

Outer layer needs to be loose enough to fit over the rest of your layers. Depending on how bulky your mid layers are, you might have to get an outer layer shell specifically for cold weather layering.

A good way to make sure that all of your layering pieces fit together is to wear your layers while you’re shopping. Bring whatever layers you’re trying to piece together to the store, and put them on when you’re trying on a new layering piece. This is the best way to tell whether or not you will be comfortable in your set up.

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