Don’t Forget the Accessories

GlovesWinter coats and heavy jackets are the first things that come to mind when you think of winter gear; but you can’t forget the winter accessories. A jacket might be necessary to keep your core warm, but it won’t do much for your fingers, ears, or toes. Having the right accessories can help keep you comfortable when the temperature drops. Here are some items you should put on your list of winter gear.

A  warm pair of gloves is a must have for anyone looking to spend time outdoors in cold weather. Cold temperatures often leave hands searching pockets for warmth. When you’re hiking across talus or trying to walk on ice, you need your hands free for safety and stability. Gloves will keep your hands warm and free on a cold day.

On really cold days, a single pair of gloves might not be enough to keep your hands warm. A pair of glove liners will not only add extra warmth, but also wick away moisture and keep your gloves in better condition. It’s easier to wash glove liners than gloves.

Everybody knows the value of a winter hat. While it’s not true that we lose 80% of our body heat through our heads, hats are still a crucial piece of winter gear. Losing any warmth is bad news on a cold day, and if your jacket doesn’t come with a hood, a winter hat is absolutely necessary.

Retire your thin cotton tube socks for the season. Warm socks are essential on cold days. Invest in a few pairs of merino wool socks to keep your feet warm and comfortable in the winter. Your toes will thank you.

Scarves are fine when you’re out on the town, but they’re not really practical out on the trail. While scarves do provide warmth, they are too bulky, and excess material can create problems. A BUFF® or neck gaiter provide extra warmth, while remaining low profile. Also, they’re extremely versatile. However, if you’re convinced that scarves are the way to go, there’s nothing warmer than a shemagh.

If you need maximum warmth, and don’t mind looking like a ninja, a balaclava, or head gasket, can’t be beat. Typically balaclavas are worn by mountaineers or winter cyclers who need ultimate warmth and protection from the cold.

We have all the winter accessories you would ever need here at Uncle Sam’s. If you’re in Northwest Arkansas, stop by and see us!

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