Risk and Adventure

Gideon - Joe's Jump 2There are a lot of risky things in the world. Base jumping is risky. Driving without a seat belt is risky. Even walking across the street can be risky. Risk comes in all shapes and sizes. Some things are riskier than others, and some outcomes are more severe. But one thing remains constant, and that is people do risky things all the time.

Sometimes people do things that are risky because they don’t truly consider the consequences of their actions. They see a fallen tree that spans a chasm as a short cut and don’t think about the fact that the tree could roll, or it could be slippery, or it could be rotten through the middle. These people might be aware of the risk, but they don’t truly consider how risky something is or just how severe the consequences could be.

However there are some people who will take risks because they identify risk with adventure. They understand the danger and risk involved with crossing that tree, and knowingly accept the risk for the sake of the thrill. Adrenaline junkies, thrill seekers, whatever you call them, they choose to take risks because they find it exciting, or feel like it somehow contributes to the sense of adventure.

Of course, there are also times when taking a risk is necessary. If crossing that fallen tree saves you 3 hours on a hike, and there’s a treacherous looking storm rolling in, it might be worth taking taking the shortcut instead of getting caught in the storm. It’s a calculated risk, and if you take the necessary steps to make the situation as safe as possible, you could actually be making the best decision.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to take a risk in order to have an adventure. Think back to all the hikes, camping trips, or days at the crag when you had a great time without taking unnecessary risks. Sure, risky behavior might make your trip more exciting, but it could also lead to incidents, injuries, or something worse that could have been easily avoided. You can still have excitement and adventure without intentionally putting yourself in harms way.

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