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travelWe’ve been providing Northwest Arkansas with climbing gear, hiking gear, camping equipment, and military surplus for over 30 years, so folks in the area know to come see us when they’re looking to get outdoors. People know that if they need to grab something at the last minute on their way out of town for a camping trip, we’re the people to see. But what you might not know is that we can help you get ready for your more urban travels as well.

Whether you’re planning for a backpacking trip across Europe, a month abroad in South America, or a week long visit to Washington D.C., we have a great selection of items that can make traveling more convenient and more enjoyable.

Sometimes people have the misconception that outdoor gear is only suited for outdoors use. This is true for some things. You’re not going to want to carry a tent on the plane with you and set it up in your hotel room. However, a lot of outdoor gear can also be used for general travel. Day packs, pack organizers, toiletry kits, and travel pillows are just a few of the items that can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Clothes that are designed for hiking are also great for traveling. Pants and shirts that are made from synthetic materials pack small, are quick drying, and easy to clean making them ideal for long stays in hotels where you won’t have time or the means to do laundry.

We also carry items that are specific to travel from companies like Eagle Creek. Passport holders, money belts, and RFID blocking wallets and card holders won’t do you much use in the great outdoors, but they’re perfect for international travel. Eagle Creek is one of the most trusted brands in luggage and travel accessories, and they have a pretty incredible “No Matter What” warranty. Stop by and check out our selection of Eagle Creek gear and other travel items!

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