Getting Your Gear Ready for the Fall

Autumn leavesThe first day of fall is right around the corner. That’s right, temperatures will start to taper, and stepping outdoors will soon become enjoyable again. No more mosquitoes, no more sultry nights where you can break a sweat in the moonlight. The air will get cooler and crisper, and the trees will start popping with color. First we’ll get those subtle patches of gold, but then leaves of red, purple, and orange will start to show. Trails will be hiked and crags will be climbed. Camping trips will be pleasant and plentiful.

You may be mentally prepared for fall, but what about your outdoor gear? Read through these pointers and take some time to go through your gear closet before fall arrives.

Check all of your fall and winter outdoor gear. It’s time to pull those boxes out of storage and give everything a thorough once-over. Or maybe even twice-over. That gear that’s been collecting dust since you boxed it away last spring is about to get some heavy use.

See what needs to be repaired or replaced and make a list. Make the repairs, and replace what needs replacing, and cross those items off the list as you go. Also make note if it looks like you’re only getting one more season out of your cold weather jacket or sleeping bag. This will help remind you to look for good deals or end of season sales.

Properly store any spring or summer specific gear. Be sure to clean all of the gear that you will be storing for the season. Storing gear while it’s wet or covered in dirt can invite mold or mildew, or otherwise damage your equipment. Cleaning your gear helps make it last longer. It’s a good idea to let your gear dry out in the sun for few hours before stowing it away.

While you’re cleaning your summer gear for storage, go ahead and examine everything to make sure all of your equipment is in good condition. Go through the same process as with your fall and winter gear, and repair, replace, or make notes for any items that need it.

After you’ve cleaned your gear and have done whatever maintenance needs doing, you can start packing up your equipment for storage. Be sure to organize everything in a way that makes is easy to find. When it’s easy to locate your gear, you’re less likely to forget or misplace it.

While cleaning, repairing, and organizing your gear isn’t as much fun as actually getting outside, doing these things is useful, and it will keep you occupied until fall arrives. If you find that yourself needing to replace, upgrade, or repair any outdoor equipment, stop by and see us!

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